Interview: Ashley Brooke Designs

An Interview with Ashley Brooke

 Ashley Brooke is a southern belle who is passionate about design and all things fabulous! We have admired products from ABD for quite some time and were finally able to snag an interview with the woman who “runs the show” for all of you lovelies!


“Ashley Brooke Designs is for the girl who loves life and is always looking for an opportunity to be just a bit sassy! We realize life can be difficult; Ashley Brooke Designs isn’t. We’re having a party, and we want you along for the ride.”

How would you describe your creative process?

My life in general is a bit crazy, and so the sassiness and the touch of girly-snark just comes out and I will realize, “Gosh! That would be cute on a mug!” Also, I have stopped designing for what I think my clients might like and I’ve started designing for myself and things that I need… like a Happy Thoughts notepad!

What’s the most collaborative creative team you’ve ever worked with?

Absolutely Kendra Scott. We LOVE the girls over at KS!!


Who is your Style Icon? Why?

My style is preppy, girly, and classic… I don’t like to be any one of those things… I like when all three come together! Like a tutu and an oxford… the perfect match!

That being said, I have quite a few Style Icons, but right now I really love Miranda Kerr’s style. I mean honestly —>

We’ve all been there- what has been your worst fashion mishap?

Oh gosh, there are WAYYYY too many to count. Although I used to rock a pair of baby blue overalls like it was my J-O-B.


         What is your favorite LBC piece? 

The Raleigh! Love it!!

  What is your favorite part of your job?

The ability to build and create something that I am truly proud of, even though each day has its own struggle. I get to wake up every morning and do what I know that I am good at, and there really isn’t a better feeling. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I also reallllly like being my own boss. When I was little, I would get in trouble on the REGULAR for being a bit too bossy. My dad would say (daily), “You being so bossy is one of my favorite qualities you possess, and one day this whole bossy thing will work to your advantage, but child, today is not that day.” Ha! So I guess being my own boss was kind of inevitable!



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