Tips: Being Charming

In a world were being polite and gracious has fallen off of the deep in, it’s nice to see youni’ve noticed that even still- manners and being graceful is still a must! Even if it is just your best friends, or boyfriend’s buddies. Everyday we are faced with the option to stay dormant, or to actually leave an impact on those around you- even if it’s just the simplest thing. For example, how honored and grateful would you be if someone took out their fine china for you on a regular week night?

1. Entertain as much as possible. There is never too small a cause for celebration.

2. Treat everyone as a dear friend- Chances are their mother knows a friend who knows a friend that knows your boyfriends heavily opinionated mom.

3. Expect a gentleman to open your door, order your drink, hail your cab, and pull out your chair.

4. Use your fine china on for guests, even though we all dislike hand-washing! It’ll make your guest feel important.

5. Be a gracious and lively guest. Hostess gifts, genuine conversation, and thank you notes are a must.



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