Your summer guide!

It’s that time of year again, ladies! The season that we spend the other 3/4 of the year praying and waiting for. Although for most of us this is a time to be carefree and let loose, we urge you to keep these few helpful tips in mind. Keep this Summer tastefully fun with our true, and slightly humors Do’s and Don’ts!


Apply sunscreen liberally!


Lay out so long that you resemble a
lobster more than a human being.


Capture fun and exciting moments with your friends, fella and loved ones.


Snap embarrassing photos of your [tipsy] friends and post them.


Learn how to shag so you can
dance the night away




Make friends with everyone, even your friends friend.


Make friends with everyone, and begin drama.


Wear white, a lot!


Wear anything darker than the hue of your skin. Keep yourself looking polished and bronzed by wearing mostly lights and brights!

Summer is the time when the living is easy – don’t make your life harder by having to apologize for poor decisions. Stay graceful and have some fun ladies!


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