Half Bath

Half Bath

Living Room

Living Room

Reading lamp

Surya rug

L Objet dinnerware

Fruit tree
$235 –

Home wall decor

Wicker storage basket
$46 –

OKA fake flower
$5.70 –

White shelf


Arteriors accent table

Wing chair

Wood table

Beige chair

Your summer guide!

It’s that time of year again, ladies! The season that we spend the other 3/4 of the year praying and waiting for. Although for most of us this is a time to be carefree and let loose, we urge you to keep these few helpful tips in mind. Keep this Summer tastefully fun with our true, and slightly humors Do’s and Don’ts!


Apply sunscreen liberally!


Lay out so long that you resemble a
lobster more than a human being.


Capture fun and exciting moments with your friends, fella and loved ones.


Snap embarrassing photos of your [tipsy] friends and post them.


Learn how to shag so you can
dance the night away




Make friends with everyone, even your friends friend.


Make friends with everyone, and begin drama.


Wear white, a lot!


Wear anything darker than the hue of your skin. Keep yourself looking polished and bronzed by wearing mostly lights and brights!

Summer is the time when the living is easy – don’t make your life harder by having to apologize for poor decisions. Stay graceful and have some fun ladies!

Rise and Shine: How to make your mornings brighter!


Crawling out of bed in the early hours of the morning is NOT at all a pleasant task, not even for the biggest morning person. Here are a few tips to make every morning brighter!

First, try to get to bed fairly early the night before. If you want to feel refreshed and poised, stay away from late night snacking, surfing the internet or even sleeping with the T.V on. If you don’t allow your body enough rest, chances are you will spend the next day druppy-eyed and unpleasant.

The first things i like to do in the morning is get up, open up all all the windows in the house, start the coffee maker and spend 10-20 minutes stretching and mentally preparing myself for my day. Create a check list of things you want to accomplished for the day! This will make it easier to get more things done, as well as setting your mind at ease that you might forget something.

Beauty routine:

Take a shower: Cleanse your body of all toxins by exfoliating all areas for 15-25 seconds. This will not only help clean all your pores, but in turn leave you with  a lasting finished shine on your skin.

After shower:  I love using my Clairosoic to clean my face! This usually takes about 5 minutes, but i’s completely worth the refreshing feeling.

*Daily facials are a necessity! While letting my facial set i usually make the bed, and finish up some household earns.

Makeup: I like to start off this routine by cleansing my face with L’oreal Toner, this cheap toning resolution help even out skin, as well as closing your pores. Next, i use a Mary Kay setting cream to add moisture (this is my favorite part because depending on the day, this and some mascara can be all you need!). After the moisturizer has set, I add: PUR bronzer to define my complexion, Clinique Concealer make sure i look clean and refreshed, Cover Girl ever-last mascara (because it’s amazing!), any or every shade of lips stick, and finish it all off with Neutrogena micro-mist to even out my entire canvas, as well as adding a litter shimmer!

This is the routine I stick to, and I hope it can help you find your own morning ritual that works for you. Once you find your perfect morning routine, stick to it. Staying consistent will make your mornings easier and help you to have a schedule each day. One of the best parts about having a stress-free morning is that it sets the tone for the entire rest of your day. If you’re happy and relaxed before 9 a.m., chances are you will stay in that mood for the rest of the day!

What is your morning ritual like?

Xx, Liss

Tips: Being Charming

In a world were being polite and gracious has fallen off of the deep in, it’s nice to see youni’ve noticed that even still- manners and being graceful is still a must! Even if it is just your best friends, or boyfriend’s buddies. Everyday we are faced with the option to stay dormant, or to actually leave an impact on those around you- even if it’s just the simplest thing. For example, how honored and grateful would you be if someone took out their fine china for you on a regular week night?

1. Entertain as much as possible. There is never too small a cause for celebration.

2. Treat everyone as a dear friend- Chances are their mother knows a friend who knows a friend that knows your boyfriends heavily opinionated mom.

3. Expect a gentleman to open your door, order your drink, hail your cab, and pull out your chair.

4. Use your fine china on for guests, even though we all dislike hand-washing! It’ll make your guest feel important.

5. Be a gracious and lively guest. Hostess gifts, genuine conversation, and thank you notes are a must.


Get to know LB!

Let’s know each other better!


Those of you fabulous ladies and gents who have visited our blog probably have an idea of what Lissette loves, but you may not know her personally. To get to know her personality a bit better, check out this “blogsmopolitan quiz”- We hope you enjoy!




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