Mine (and my fianc├ęs) very special proposal


Late December, We made a trip back to the beloved place that started it all for our relationship: Charleston, South Carolina.

Following brunch that morning at Vickories on Shem Creek, Isaac suggested we spend the rest of the afternoon walking the grounds of Boone Hall. It seemed to be a spontaneous decision, but I would soon find out that he had planned this day months in advance. As we proceeded through the front gates, oak trees draped in Spanish moss lined the entrance and set the mood for thr rest of the day. As we explored the historic mannors, Isaac semed nervous and repeatedly suggested we walk to the Cotton Dock; a boat dock extending into Wampacheeoone Creek. I gave in, and agreeded to his request. He turned my back to the water and gazed deeply into my eyes telling me that I was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, as Isaac knelt on one knee, Kelly Hernandez, Dory Faris, my sister & my mom walked out to surprise me and enjoy this moment together.

To conclude the day, we celebrated with friends and family to a new engagement, and a lifetime of love and happiness. (:

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