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Friendship: Dos and Don’ts

Be a Best Friend to have a Best Friend!

(Thank you to my fabulous best friends for modeling a few of my pieces!)

My best friends might live hundreds of miles away from me now, but as soon as i step back into our old town- things go right back to where they left off. I’m so thankful for the time (even though short) that I got to spend with these girls this week and all that they have become and are becoming!

Friends are just such an important part of our lives. I’ve been blessed to have wonderful friends come into my life through the years. Some have remained and others have drifted away- I haven’t always been the best friend, but I’ve learned a lot of lessons and hopefully have gotten better over the years.

Here are a few things I’ve come to realize about how to stay close, even through life changes, phases and stages!


If she tells you a secret, keep it a secret! Don’t be THAT friend.

Respect her choices- This doesn’t mean you support everything they do or every choice they make, but you HAVE to make your friend understand that you support her through everything. That you appreciate them and what they stand for- even the things you aren’t so proud of.

Be honest BUT timely. If you don’t think her outfit is a good choice tell her before she buys it or before she leaves the house. Leaning over in the while walking into the restaurant and saying ‘What were you thinking?!’ is never a good move!

Discuss issues before they become problems- Sometimes the things we love most about people also drive us a little crazy. This is completely normal! We all need our own unique flavor to add to the mix.

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Return what you borrow- Once again, don’t be THAT friend.

Give honest advice- Honesty is always key!

Accept your limitations – you’re not Dr. Phil. Shoulder to cry on or a listening ear – yes. In-depth psychological assistance – be careful and direct her elsewhere if necessary.

Never forget the value of a true friend. Priceless. Take good care of her and she will last you a lifetime, there’s not much else that can say that.


Never gossip about your friend! Ever. Never ever.

If your friend doesn’t want to talk about something, respect their privacy.

Don’t knock her choices, be it handbags or boyfriends.

When she speaks badly about her husband/boyfriend/partner – neither agree nor disagree. Shrug your shoulders, nod, and leave it at that.

Don’t be devious, tricky or sneaky.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Don’t be a Behavior Monitor (even if she asks you). It is her responsibility to know when she’s had enough biscuits or beer.

Don’t judge.

If you honestly feel a friendship is past its sell-by-date then end it – don’t drag it on.

Don’t lie to your friend – ever. Not to protect her, nor to protect yourself. Once the trust is broken it will never be the same.


Grow with them
A friendship is a living breathing thing. It won’t always look the same or fall into the same patterns. If you really value your friend, let the relationship grow through all stages of life.

The central theme of most of my dearest friendships is laughter. Being able to laugh together about ourselves is medicine for the soul.

Bare your soul
If you find a true friend, you’re so fortunate. Be your authentic self around them and give them permission to do the same. Even if there are difficult things that come up!

Be Grateful
So many people in the world are lonely. If you have a friend whose heart is connected to yours, be grateful for them and show them that gratitude.

Remember- Everybody isn’t meant to be best friends with everybody else (that’s the worst misconception I have ever had), but when you do find those people you are fortunate enough to call your “Best Friends”, it’s so important to hold onto them!




20140429-082649.jpg“Manners and etiquette are imperative to having a great day AND ultimately a fabulous life.” -LB

Sometimes in a world where some individuals have not always been taught the correct way to politely approach situations, it’s hard to keep yourself poised and graceful. We want to provide you with a few tips to get you through those sour apples and hopefully educate others on proper behaviors and a little charm through your actions!

Making others feel at ease is the essences of gracefulness, yesterday and today.

Remember that there are few words more elementary or welcomes than “please” and “thank you”

Good moods are most definitely contagious! Hopefully yours will be pleasantly catching.

Showing respect is a gift. One that has no cost and is endlessly appreciated.

A short fuse does nothing but burn, should you find yourself with one, steer clear of others!

Clothes count. Appropriate attire is not only respectful, it is also refreshing.

Laugh at even the worst jokes. Telling a good joke doesn’t just make the listener happy, the person presenting it feels as though they are welcomed- in turn bettering your relationship.

Never underestimate the message that is sent by your poise and posture.

Think of your tone. Calm and collected should always be the volume set.


Let common sense be your guide, and graciousness be your goal.


My contribution to keeping shopaholics in business



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Mine (and my fiancés) very special proposal


Late December, We made a trip back to the beloved place that started it all for our relationship: Charleston, South Carolina.

Following brunch that morning at Vickories on Shem Creek, Isaac suggested we spend the rest of the afternoon walking the grounds of Boone Hall. It seemed to be a spontaneous decision, but I would soon find out that he had planned this day months in advance. As we proceeded through the front gates, oak trees draped in Spanish moss lined the entrance and set the mood for thr rest of the day. As we explored the historic mannors, Isaac semed nervous and repeatedly suggested we walk to the Cotton Dock; a boat dock extending into Wampacheeoone Creek. I gave in, and agreeded to his request. He turned my back to the water and gazed deeply into my eyes telling me that I was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, as Isaac knelt on one knee, Kelly Hernandez, Dory Faris, my sister & my mom walked out to surprise me and enjoy this moment together.

To conclude the day, we celebrated with friends and family to a new engagement, and a lifetime of love and happiness. (:

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