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Those of you fabulous ladies and gents who have visited our blog probably have an idea of what Lissette loves, but you may not know her personally. To get to know her personality a bit better, check out this “blogsmopolitan quiz”- We hope you enjoy!




Feel free to fill out the same quiz and post it below! We’d love to learn more about all of you!


Weekly: Style in minutes- with a dash of hospitality


Rather you’re a college student on a budget or a mom on-the-go, Every woman wants to be known for having charisma and being poised- no what matter the circumstances. In todays on-the-go culture, mastering that art has never been more important. Sometimes we forget that style runs deeper than the clothes we wear, so here are a few tips on how to enrich your world with style AND hospitality!


Exfoliating scrub to the rescue!

Look fresh faced in seconds! We all have a set routine of extensive cleansing rituals and purifying treatments for a cleaner complexion, right? Well, what do we do when we’re on-the-go and need a quick fix of clear? CLARISONIC CLARISONIC CLARISONIC! These gems work by providing a frequency of over 300 movements per second, consequently massaging away all of the dirt, make up and oil on your face.

Note: I swear by mine- enhanced skin clarity within days of first using it!

Keep tabs for conversations

Avoid awkward silence at the table with help from “Theshimm”, a daily news-letter that simplifies top headlines for the working woman. Use this to your advantage by keeping every conversation interesting, flowing and brilliant. *For news with a southern spin, check-out the “Monday Hot List” at Here you will find new books, boutiques and your latest southern news.


 Master a simple centerpiece

Impress your guest with an easy, use-what-you’ve-got centerpiece. Nothing quite lightens and freshens your space like an arrangements of flowers painted in the middle any room. Make it a goal to have at least one vase ( although-i prefer mason jars) filled with freshly picked flowers at all times.

Return the favor

Just as you would never show up to a party empty handed, you should never return a dish empty. If someone brings you a covered dish, return it with a delicious treat! Being courteous has never tasted this good.